Human Resource Development In Tourism Industry

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Human resource development (HRD) is always play an important role in the development of an industry as well as personal development for individual. Nowadays, most of the organization are neglect or do not realize the importance of HRD towards the organizations development. This may causes the unsuccessful of an organization develop and survive in the future. Besides that, have a good HRD intervention may reduce the unemployment rate and it could be placed a right people on the right position. Therefore, we are analysing the empirical article done by Nafees A. Khan to discuss more about human resources development. In this report, we will summarize the empirical article and point out the importance of HRD towards tourism industry in India.…show more content…
Based on the study, the tourism industry is lack of trained and skill employees. In other word, it can be consider as employees’ allocation failure. Besides that, there are several problem that faced by tourism industry in India, which are shortage of good infrastructure, condition of work, and insufficient of strategies and policies for human resources development. From the problem faced by tourism industry in India, it shows that development of human resources is how important are and HRD should be more concerned by every sector and industry. Human resource development is plays an important roles, which is offer an opportunity for training and development. Top manager should have a planning to send their employees for some training and skills learning. Most of organization would like to recruit the new blood with high educated, but it does not means that high educated people have the relative skill in particular job. So, training and skill learning is an opportunity may help the employees to hit the requirement of organization as well as being master in skills needed. It develop necessary skills and abilities required to perform organizational activities so that employees can contribute better performances in organization. Furthermore, it is a way to directly develop the…show more content…
Human resources development is consider as a platform to understand the human resources problems that faced by organization. Once the organization started to implement the new blood, human resources department has been plays an important roles from selecting and recruiting the new employee, allocating them into a right places according to their abilities. Besides that, the training and development provided the human resource provides training and development plans to develop the employees’ talents so that they can perform effectively and efficiency in their present and future work situations. Human resource department also provides opportunities for the recognition and meeting of employees’ needs to satisfy the employees. Furthermore, human resource creates an organizational culture which is conductive for sustainable development. As a conclusion, human resource development cannot be ignore or neglect in order to developing an organization, an industry and personality as

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