Human Resource Functions Of IKEA

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Technological factors: The world of technology is growing very rapidly. Every time a new technology is introduced it brings new skill requirements. So an organization always needs to be aware of training needs for the new technology when planning for human resources.

Different kinds of businesses have different functions within them. Here we will discuss about functions within IKEA and human resource requirements within these departments . IKEA mainly have these functions.
• Stores/retail
• Product development
• Purchasing
• Distribution/warehouse
• Support functions
Here we will discuss about stores or retail function of IKEA in detail.
In order to set up a new IKEA store
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• Organizational objectives
• Human resource planning
• Gap analysis
• Action plan

As we want to do human resource planning for IKEA so we need to know the objectives of IKEA.
“To create a better everyday life for the many people”
Business idea: “To offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products as prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them”
• Leadership by example
• Constant desire for renewal
• Togetherness an enthusiasm
• Cost consciousness and will power
• Daring to be different
• Accept and delegate responsibility
If IKEA needs to expand it’s store support section than it needs following human resources
• Human resource manager
• Human resource co-workers
• Accounting support co-workers
• Store control manager
• Store control co-worker
• Maintenance and safety co-workers
HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING: human resource planning involves following steps.
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Human resource planning plays important role in an organization to achieve it’s objectives as the work force is a key factor in the success of an organization.
• Human resource planning ensure the availability of work force to an organization. The man power is much needed in carrying out the activities of an organization smoothly. If an organization is working smoothly and achieving it’s daily targets that it will surely lead the organization towards success in long term. For this purpose the proper planning of human resource is very necessary.
• Human resource planning helps in recruiting the talented and skilled persons. By providing necessary resources to these talented people the organization can make it’s way to success. By using their skills and abilities the organizational targets can be achieved effectively and efficiently.
• Human resource planning ensure the optimum utilization of skills of every employee working within the organization. The optimum utilization of their abilities leads the organization towards achievement of it’s
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