Human Resource Management Activities

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In today’s business, there is too much dependence on information technology in order to pursue the different activities to run the business. Information technology which is the use of electronic devices to store, create, process, exchange and secure all forms of data has become a necessary tool in all the departments of a business organisation. It is widely used in human resource management to pursue different activities to support the strategic objectives of the organization.
The objective of this essay is to explain three of the Human Resource Management activities and explain the role of using information systems within these activities.
Different activities of Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management is the task
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Information systems have nowadays a significant impact on the different activities of human resource management. Human resource databases are easily analyzed and accessed thanks to electronic systems which enables the automation of processes, minimizes the use of paper records and manual activities and increases efficiency and accuracy.
- .Workforce recruitment and planning: Recruitment advertisements are nowadays placed online instead of the traditional manners of recruiting employees. Information systems have made job advertisements accessible to thousands of job seekers which may provide the oroganisation with a wide choice of applicants to choose the best among them. Added to that, It is easier to deploy information systems to keep control of the critical data of employee than relying on manual activities and paper records. Employee data such as job titles, identification codes and demographic information are stored and analyzed electronically for more efficiency and accuracy while pursuing the recruitement strategies of the organisation as well as workforce planning. (Rainer and Turban,
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As a sum up, it is clear that human resource management has an important role in providing the business organisation with the best employees to help achieve its strategic goals through different activities. These activities have become more efficient and accurate with the introduction of information systems. Information systems for Human Resource Management have proved to be fruitful since they have facilitated all the activities in relation to the employees of business

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