Human Resource Management Case Study: Bunga Raya Bank

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From the Human Resources Management’s perspective, downsizing a company by closing down the branches would be the most disastrous decision to be made due to wrongful termination or dismissal of the employees could result in court cases that required the company to pay on damages. To propose an effective alternative to solve the current issue, the main issues existed in this study would need to be identified. Although Bunga Raya Bank was a company with shareholders, which the company’s stock was shared among the holders, but the organizational goal was not shared among the employees with the Board members. From the perspective as a team, a clear and elevating goal was formed but the fact that it was not understood by team members caused the organization does not work in a team. the book named ‘The Owner’s Manual for Personality at Work’, team was defined as an integral part of how an organization work, and coworkers were often found themselves being thrown together with other coworkers to pursue a loosely defined goal (Howard & Howard, 2001). Generating more profits was the organizational goal that the Board members are pursuing, but sharing of the common goal had not happened as Latifa was not prepared to execute the plan as per discussed. Without shared goal, management and employees are unable to plan actions and carry out the plan systematically which could have caused havoc in the organization. With the price hike and economic uncertainty, by dismissing the employees

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