Human Resource Management Case Study: Pioneer Wincon Private Limited

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INTRODUCTION: The HR process plays an important role in the management which improves the client satisfaction by their Human Resource service. When the client understands the HR process, the satisfaction level of clients is increased. COMPANY PROFILE: “Pioneer Wincon Private Limited” was incorporated in the year 1996 with the objective of Manufacturing, Marketing, Installation and Maintenance of Wind Turbine Generators. It had technical collaboration with Wincon West Wind, Denmark. There are around 187 employees in Pioneer Company. It has more than 600 numbers of Pioneer Wincon Wind Turbine Generators of 250KW and 750KW capacity of generating power predominantly. Its head office was situated in Chennai. In Pondicherry, an assembly facility…show more content…
On evaluation of the skills, appropriate training needs are identified and Annual Training Calendar is prepared to provide the required training. It may also include On-the-job training which can take place within the company. After the training programs, the effectiveness of that training program is measured using skill matrix which is used to differentiate the skills of employees before and after training. SKILL MATRIX: It consists of several things namely, o Time management, o Problem solving skills, o Product knowledge, o Tools knowledge, o Assembly knowledge etc.., The skills of existing employees are carried out to ensure that whether their competence is enhanced or not. TRAINING ATTENDANCE REGISTER: This register is used to check whether all the candidates are attending the training program. It consists of five things namely: o Name of the training programme o Date o Location o Employee name o Employee signature. TRAINING FEEDBACK FORM: This form is used to get the feedback from the employees whether the training program is useful for them or

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