Human Resource Management Case Study: Starbucks

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Case study - Conclusion

This case study is based on Starbucks Human Resource Management Policies and the growth challenge where this basically the case has divided majorly in evoking the human resource challenges and aspects in Starbucks and how they dealt with the situations occurred in the external environments and adaptations in their internal environment .
When it comes to the introduction of Starbucks , The Starbucks was initially opened in 1971; the store was in the pike place market in Seattle and sold coffee beans. Where three coffee lovers were huge lovers to their day today coffee was the initials to this world renowned business , Starbucks grew slowly , what they differentiated from the ordinary coffee’s is they looked beyond it
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This includes pay, health benefits, sick leave, bonus, retirement plan etc. the wages paid among Starbucks employees were the highest in the industry. When it comes to employee retention it is significant that how Starbucks has fought against the huge turnover which occurred in 2000’s in the retail sectors were close to 200 present.
When it comes to the third point in the question section where deducting the benefits and cutting down the benefits might affect the employees perspective , when it comes to the 2000’s in the US sector the employee turnover was 200 precent in the retail industry but Starbucks were maintaining lower rate in turnover in that period because Starbucks was maintaining a good relationship with the employee’s so what we belive that cutting down employees benefits wont help a company to retain the employee’s therefore in order to produce the effectiveness in the organization every organization should provide the

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