Human Resource Management Department

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Human resource management department has been widely considered as one of a very vital and essential part of any organization, regardless of industry and types of business ventures. A particular company's aim to attain and sustain the goals and objectives could not be realized if the human resource management department of the company lacks the knowledge, skills and methods in the field of work. The training and development of potential employees and current employees starts when they began working for the company and it will be a continuous process in order to suit the needs and wants of the company, fulfill the requirements of the work as well as improve the employees in various aspects of their work. It is for this reason that companies…show more content…
The human resource management department includes several main function which are human resources planning, recruitment and election, career development, employee achievement management, employees' safety and health management as well as human resource information system. There are three suggestions in terms of approaches made by Mc Lagan (1989) with regards to human resource development which are training and development. career and development as well as the development of a particular organization. The three approaches concerns with the systematic and continuous learning activities that is logical by a particular company in which the primary objective is to enhance the overall effectiveness and productivity of the employees, group as well as the company…show more content…
Desimone, Werner and Harris (2002) added further by citing that the organized learning activities allows the employees in the organization, regardless of their position in the company to be equipped with adequate knowledge, ability, skills and behaviours to fulfill the requirement of the work for the present as well the future. The human resource development revolves around three primary activities which are training, education and development. Each of the human resource development activities have a certain focus attached to them. Training is an aspect of human resource development that mainly focuses on educating employees with skills and knowledge related to their current work and/or position. Similar to training, education, as the word implies, focuses on educating employees for future endeavours. The focus of development, on the other hand, tends to lean more towards individuals in particular and is not always related to their current or future work and/or
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