Human Resource Management: HR Best Practice In Amazon

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Jeff Bezos is the founder of (“, Inc”, 2015). There headquarter is located in Seattle as it has a high-tech workforce. Its website went live in July 1995 and became the number one book-related site online. In May 1997 just two years after starting the company went public offering the public three million worth of common stock. Also during that year they were the first internet retailer to reach one million customers. From there on they expanded into fields such as music, videos, toys, electronics, tools and hardware. In 2001 they reported their first net profit (“, Inc”, 2015).
In this essay Amazon will discuss the HR strategy that best suits them. Outline a mission statement that describes
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The HR strategy Amazon should focus on is ‘Best Practice’. By using the best practice strategy Amazon can improve organisational performance. Best practice should be used in Amazon to engage with employees, retain high performance and maximise the benefits of a diverse workforce (“HR best practice”, 2015). If Amazon treats their employees well it will result in top producers which will lead to positive company growth. Amazon should value their employee input and they can do this by having group discussions and regular meetings. HR practice can be a tangible way for Amazon to demonstrate employee…show more content…
Amazon should use it as a link between human resource management and its strategic plan of their organization. They will need to keep updated with its human resource plan as both internal and external environments can change every day. For example internally there will always be retirements and externally the economy and technology are always changing. As these changes happen Amazon need to have a plan to too keep their employee numbers up and at a high standard for the company to keep being successful. Human resource planning is an important policy for Amazon to keep using in the future to accomplish its goals.
Performance Management
Performance management is the communication between a manager and employee throughout the year in support of achieving organizational goals. Amazon should put in place this policy as it will improve its employees work ethic and in return improve organizational performance

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