New Public Management: Personnel Management

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Among the major dimensions observed in New Public Management are reforms in Personnel Management. One of the important concerns in market-oriented reforms is to improve the old and traditional practices followed in personnel administration. With the advancement in Management practices around the world the concern in investing Human Resources gets importance. Human Resource Management (HRM) is defined in a broader term:
“…a part of the management process that specializes in the management of people in work organizations. It emphasizes that employees are the primary resource for gaining sustainable competitive advantage, that human resources activities need to be integrated with the corporate strategy and that human resource specialists help organizational controllers to meet both efficiency and equity objectives” (Bratton, John, & Gold, 1994).
According to Bratton, John and Jeffrey Gold HRM is the main ingredient for attaining the effective and customer-oriented organization. The main purpose of implementation of NPM reforms is to restructure the
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• Much-needed training for improvement in skills for customer-oriented civil service.
• To improve the standards and procedures of service provisions.
• Absorb modern techniques, methods and processes.
Capacity building of human resource in public sector is required for investing in social capital, building of institutions, and for process and procedural improvement. To upgrade the quality service of civil service, there is a need to develop human resources to plan, analyze, implement and evaluate policies and programs. NPM has indicated six dimensions to enhance capacity building in civil service (Economic Commission of Africa, 2003).
1. Adequate budgetary allocations for capacity building activities
2. Adequate funding for training institutions
3. Institutional relations between public sector training institutions
4. Public-private

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