The Importance Of Human Resource Practices

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As we are going to use the Human Resource Practices as an independent variable so there is a discussion about it. The Human Resource Management practices consist of the process of recruitment & selection, process of skills development, performance appraisal activities as well as development of human resource policies, and keeping of human resource records within the organization (Kotey& Slade: 2005). The past research shows that HRM Practices play an important role to increase the productivity of the organization by developing the skills and motivation level of the employees. HRM practices play a vital role to attain the business objectives through well-established strategies of the innovation or technical expertise of the workforce in the…show more content…
Most of the studies from the broad empirical studies which represent the association between innovation and performance of the organization yield positive relation (Weerawardenaa, O‟Cass, and Julian, 2006). The process which is involved in improving skills, knowledge and other expertise with positive attitude in order to developing the efficiency and effectiveness on a specific job is known as Training and Development (Fajana, S.I. 2002). Mondy and Noe (1986) defines training as a process of inviting individuals on a timely footing, in sufficient and with required qualifications and motivate individuals with skills to apply for specific positions with the organization. Literature related to organizational commitment and human resource theory identified that if proper training facilities are provided to the employees of the organization, it may create a positive employee attitude and commitment with the organization. So, training-focused Human Resource practices have association with higher innovative performance of the organization (Beugelsdijk, 2008). If a high level of participation of the employees is maintain, it would create the environment, which motivate the human capital to bring the innovative ideas and exchange their expertise in the ongoing innovation process which would be helpful to maximize the innovative outcomes (Chen & Huang, 2009). Husiled (1995) examined that the proper education and development in skills of employees have a significant impact on the personnel productivity of employees and the sort-term and long-term goals of the organization. Michie and Quinn (2001) explained the relationships between United Kingdom firms’ use of flexible work practices in the organization and organizational performance and argued that low levels of training have negative impact on the organizational performance. So, all these

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