Human Resource Management: Purpose Of Performance Appraisals

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Human Resource Management

Report: Performance Appraisals are only as good as the person carrying out the Appraisal – Argue

Student: June Keegan

Student number: G00302675

Lecturer: George Finnegan

Date submitted: 16/02/2015

Table of contents

Purpose of performance appraisals

Performance appraisals methods
 Essay
 Critical incident method
 Checklist
 Comparative evaluation
Management by objectives

The appraisal interview

Contributors to the Appraisal Process

This report is on performance appraisal. In this report you will see an argumentative approach on appraisals. Are performance appraisals as good as the person carrying out the appraisal? There are many ways performance
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It will help determine the potential of current employees for future promotion. Performance appraisal gives a chance for two-way feedback between the manager and an employee. The manager can pass on feedback in relation to their performance at work and the employee can discuss their passion within the organisation or any concerns that they might have. An important purpose of performance appraisal is documentation. Any results from a performance appraisal are combined with the employee’s personal file after been signed by the employee and the manager. This information would be important if an employee is being considered promotion or dismissal. An appraisal is sometimes used as an aid to salary…show more content…
It involves collecting information from such people as customers, co-workers, and supervisors. This method can be very expensive and also time consuming.
In this report I have researched the topic on performance appraisals. During my research I found that there is a lot involved in performance appraisals. Performance appraisals can be very time consuming but can also benefit the employee and the organisation. Performance appraisals are not very popular within organisations but I think that orgnisations hould use performance appraisal more even if it’s just once a year.
360 degree appraisal seems to be the most popular form within organisations even though it has its disadvantages such as been very expensive. It offers a wide range of ways to assess the performance appraisal. I think it is very important for the employee on who carries out their appraisal. An employee could feel more under pressure if their manager was conducting their appraisal. It depends on the employee and what they feel more comfortable with. I think that performance appraisal is more an advantage to both the employer and employee and recommend that appraisals should be carried out in

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