Human Resource Management: Value Chain Analysis Of Etihad Airways

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Value Chain Analysis of Etihad Airways Etihad Airways is a service industry, so their value chain won’t be the same as the other type of business . Here we are the Etihad Airways Value Chain Process: Human Resource Management Human resources or human capital is part of an organization and is designed to maximize of employee performance for the strategic objective of an organization, it considered as intangible resources of abilities, effort, and time that workers bring to invest in their work. The individuals at Etihad Airways are key players of strategic plan of the company. Indeed , company product and services has big impact on the customer perception. As for the importance of its Human recourse, Etihad Airways developed and formulated proper and effective training strategy for employees and workers. This strategy is expected to strengthen Etihad Airway’s position in the marketplace. Employee development has big impact on an organization’s competitive advantage. It includes all of the education and training, such as training employees to contribute efficiently in the work place ,managing stress ,and train them about how to deliver best customer services . Etihad Airways promotes friendly and transparent working environment where all employees are working together to achieve company’s and passengers’ best advantage . Technology Development Etihad Airways become Asia’s leading e-business airline by implementing ambiguous strategy. The company is determined to

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