Human Resource Management Vs Personal Management Essay

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1.1. Human resource management Vs personal management Although there is no clear distinction between and someone may that, but there is quite difference in terms of the scope of management practice so personnel management often involves in carrying out administrative work the organisation , which is both traditional and routine . Personnel management is not proactive but reactive and only response to demands and business concerns that are presented. Personnel management endeavours the smooth following of the work, and also makes sure staff hiring, training and supervising at work place. On the other hand, human resource management is a holistic and comprehensive approach of managerial task that overlooks both present and future needs business organisation. In contrast to personnel management, human resource management focus ongoing strategies to manage and develop the organisational workforce. Human resource management is proactive unlike personal management it is not only concern with the present organisational situation but also future necessities. According to (Joshi,M.,2013:p9), human resource management refers to the activities of specialist staff are responsible for objective of business organisation.…show more content…
They also carry out employee’s assessment and performance appraisal process. As part of their roles and responsibilities, line managers would handle the responsibility of advertising through internal and external media outlets of positions and screen the CVs for further interviews. According to CIP(2010) line managers are already making the deference and are involved and contributing in positive way of training, coaching , and are vital to ensure that workers know that their work is recognised by the

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