Human Resource Strategy In Hotel

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In the fierce market competition, the hotel in order to seek development requires from the external environment and conditions for the hotel 's view, according to the hotel 's own actual situation, the purpose of the hotel on the basis of clear business purpose and objectives, develop practical overall development strategic measures necessary adjust to long-term perspective, grasp the overall strategic situation, give full play to the hotel 's competitive advantage. In terms of strategic management at different levels of the hotel, the hotel 's functional strategies by human resources, marketing, technology development, manufacturing, financial management and other strategic composition. In these strategies, human resource
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Third, to play a reasonable position hotel human resource management functions and related policies. The hotel must be in accordance with the requirements of human resources strategy, to focus on a certain period and the accompanying labor and personnel policy to make clear rules in order to make the human resources function clear objectives, grasp the correct direction of work.

Fourth, the hotel human resources conducive to maintaining long-term competitive advantage. The hotel is the core of human resource management from the requirements of the global development point of view, looking to the future hotel human resources to enhance and maintain the competitive advantage of human resources.

Fifth, it is conducive to staff establish the right goals, inspire morale and boost confidence of employees. Determine the human resources strategy and implemented, it will broaden the space for survival and development staff fundamentally, in order to effectively mobilize their survival enthusiasm, initiative and innovation to provide the conditions.

The hotel is to provide service-based industries, in a market economy, competition on the performance of the hotel in product, price, quality and service methods of competition. And all the competition all reflected in the competition for highly qualified employees has numerous high-quality workforce is the hotel to participate in market competitive capital and
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Make the hotel each employee, from the lowest to the top, all proper place, everyone can play to their talents, and make scattered person and have different abilities, different personalities to form a common goal, coordinated overall. The ability to integrate is not it simply the sum of the member 's ability, but a both in quantity and in quality are far beyond the original members of the new force.

In today 's market, an enterprise competitive strength, it is important depends on the extent of enterprise talent quantity, quality and talent, so hotel must learn to recruit and retain more talent, and through training improve quality of staff, while also through incentives to tap their potential.

Many service industry companies now also comply with the traditional human resource management, such as: The Personnel and Administration compressed within the same department, human resources management organizational incomplete and the hiring process is simple. For the recruiters, without planning, also did not analyze each job, that "One position a lot of people" can easily lead to arbitrariness and the duties and powers of work work is not clear. Or recruitment plan and training programs and other human resources functions planning, although it also carried out, but there is no unified planning framework in a formulation. So can not form a joint force between the various modules, resulting in increased labor costs of enterprises, human resources can not achieve the
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