Human Resources Interview Essay

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School Administration has several different functions in a K-12 district. Many of these responsibilities are unclear or unseen by teachers or other district employees. Human Resources is a division of school administration that I wanted to explore. The possibility of hiring new employees is an exciting challenge. The administrator who handles Human Resources for Strongsville City Schools is the Assistant Superintendent, Jennifer Pelko. She is an alumni of Strongsville City Schools, formerly a teacher, assistant principal and building principal within the system. She is a graduate of Bowling Green University (undergraduate in Spanish Education), and received her Masters and Superintendent's Licensure from Ashland University.
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“Yes, we just got phone and internet back, I have been lost all day,” stated Mrs. Pelko. The district was undergoing a routine update, a considerable obstacle to performing her job. She stated that technology is used in all aspects of Human Resources. She mentioned three systems (People Works, Applitrack, and Aesop) that are used to gather and itemize information. People Works is a data base for the district's employees. People works allows for data to be kept current with salary, licensure and contact vitals. Applitrack is a resume and questionnaire system that helps organize individuals who are interested in certified and classified employment. One of the benefits of Applitrack is its sharing capabilities. If a building principal wanted to screen resumes he/she can do it from any internet device. It also has a rating system, so if multiple administrators were tasked with the hire, they could compare their opinions online without face to face interaction. Aesop is a tracking tool for employee attendance. Mrs. Pelko uses it to prevent excessive absenteeism by

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