Human Resources Management: A Strategic Approach To Human Resource Management

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Human Resources Management (HRM) can be defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of the organization 's most valuable asset: the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the objectives of the organization. The main features of HRM are:
- Meeting the need for a strategic approach to human resources management that aligns the organization 's activities for the implementation of the strategic objectives;
- The application of a comprehensive and coherent approach to the provision of mutual support of theoretical methods and practices of employment through the development of an integrated theory and practice of the Czech Republic;
- The achievement of the commitment to the mission and values of
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Some commentators argue that the development of integrated strategies of HRM, the central characteristic of HRM, difficult, if not impossible, in organizations where there is no real perception of the strategic direction.They say that the business strategies, where they are formulated is usually determined by the requirements of the product market, leading to the development of products and systems. It is clear that, in order for this to ensure that priority is given to obtaining financial resources and the maintenance of a strong financial base.Questions of human resources often go by the wayside.
In a world of intense competition and limited resources is inevitable there will always be someone who loses, because workers are used as a means to an end, such people may even be the majority. Soft HRM model has no relation to them, and tough is likely to be an unpleasant experience.
The same methods of sampling, analysis, competence, performance management, training and development of managers and management rewards are used in HR and personnel management.
Human resource management, as well as a soft version of HRM, attaches importance to the process of communication and participation in the system of relations of
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Perhaps the most significant difference is that the concept of HRM is based on the philosophy of focusing on business and management. HRM aspires to be a strategic activity of senior executives, which is being developed and is being implemented by all the leaders to advance the interests of the organization. It is viewed as a holistic approach that affects the common interests of the organization: the interests of its members are recognized, but subject to the interests of the organization. Hence the importance given to strategic integration and a strong culture that flow from the vision of senior managers and require people to be committed to this strategy could adapt to change and conform to the developed corporate
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