What Is The Role Of Human Resource Management In Mcdonald's

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Human resource management is all about managing the employees or the people who work inside the organization and to motivate the employees to achieve the organizational goals and objectives of the organization. The main role of a HR manager is to fulfil the business strategy and the business operational.

The restaurant 's name was changed again, this time to simply "McDonald 's," and reopened on December 12, 1948. McDonald’s is known as a pioneer in fast food industry and are best known for their strong branding which is known in 119 nations around the world. The Golden Arches are their most recognizable brand closely followed by the clown character called Ronald McDonald.
Dick and Mac McDonalds were two
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Small businesses with few employees often have no specialist human resources (HR) staff. Recruitment and management of employees are carried out by line managers. Larger businesses may have an HR specialist or even an HR department to oversee and coordinate their employee management policies and procedures. Even where a company employs an HR specialist, it is line managers who have day-to-day responsibility for implementing HR

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