Human Resources Management And The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Explain the meaning of human resource management and the importance of Human resource management 10 marks Human resource management is a field of management that deals with planning, organising, developing, maintaining and utilising the human force of an organization. This is important for the following reasons: • Employee satisfaction Human resource management offers an opportunity for employees to develop their careers leading to job satisfaction and commitment. • Organization structure Since organization structure defines the working relation between the employee and the management, it therefore means that each employee’s tasks are assigned and defined by it. This provides information that is timely…show more content…
Its objects according to Rao, P. (2009) are as follows: • To recruit and retain the human resource of required quantity and quality. This means that human resource planning should ensure that an organization employs and retains the right number of employees in an organization at any given time to ensure that all the departments have not only the required number but also are qualified to perform the required task. • To foresee the employee turnover and make arrangements for minimising turnover and filling up of consequent vacancies. Employee turnover means the proportion of employees who quit/ leave an organization over a set period. Human resource planning should be able to project this turnover and make sure that those who leave are timely replaced with equally or better qualified…show more content…
It is upon the human resource department to foresee future technological development and how it affects the workforce of the organization in terms of manpower. Technology is known to either assist employees better meet the organizational goals and or cut down on the manpower yet achieving the same goals. • To improve the standards, skills, knowledge, ability, discipline etc. Through proper planning, employees are taken to organizations training to develop their skills and knowledge to help them with the ability to deliver on the organizations targets. • To assess the surplus or shortage of human resource and take measures accordingly. Human resource planning should be able to identify the skills and ability of its employees. Knowing their strengths and their weakness therefore taking measures to correct on its employees weaknesses. • To maintain the congenital industrial relations by maintaining optimum level and structure of human resources. Human resource planning is built on team work or bringing together employees with different skills, abilities and knowledge base. HRM should therefore forge a good working relationship between employees in their different organization structure so that they perform at an optimum

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