Human Resource Management Competency Model

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Under human resource management competency model, a competency is the combination of knowledge, skill, and ability one needs to successfully perform a job function (HR University, n.d.). One of the most essential competency for a human resource manager is communication skills. The main function of the typical HR professional’s job involves facilitating discussion between employees and employers. It goes without saying that communication plays an important role to facilitate all kind of day to day people’s deal. A human resource manager is able to success only if they are able to communicate well and clearly. This is to ensure that messages and information are able to express in their most appropriate way in order to convey messages
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Effective HR professionals are 'credible activists ' because they build their personal trust through business acumen as human resource professionals have a point of view, not only about human resource activities but about business demands as well as influence others in a positive way through clear, consistent and high-impact communications (Ulrich et al, 2012). According to Personal and Professional Credibility (n.d.), personal credibility is known as a root of faith in the leader which consist of honesty, integrity, trust, and other personal characteristics that enable followers to view the leaders as their role model and even earn authority from on the followers. As every action act by the leaders or managers like, how they manage, organize and solve any obstacles in the organization will be captured by the followers. Additionally, professional credibility includes leaders’ education, experiences, performances, and demonstrated professional development (Personal and Professional Credibility, n.d.) because all of these professional credibilities get to add value in the organization, in order to provide a better atmosphere for the followers to work in, as well as achieving organization’s targeted…show more content…
Human resource management able to act as a leader to bring positive synergy and motivation into the organization as it is a benefit for the followers and organization. Without a leaders or followers, there will not be an unclear path for them to walk on. A strong bond of relationship will encourage each of the followers, including the leaders to share their insight and alternatives without any hesitations when conducting a group discussion or meeting as they will feel more open on sharing it and are strong advocates of the importance of human resource. Besides, personal credibility mainly also focuses on active and risk-taking participation to improve its strategic contribution (Grossman, 2007) as credibility activist which is the leaders will guide and light up the right path for the followers to walk on the achieve the goals. Risk can be harmful and unpredictable, but facing it in a team, for instance, conducting decision making able to find alternatives to solve and overcome
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