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Reasons for choose this manager – ZARA

HRM’s importance has grown dramatically in the last two decades. This new importance stems from increased legal complexities and the recognition that human resources are a valuable means for improving productivity, the awareness today of the costs associated with poor human resource management. The report will discuss the ZARA company about the human resource. ZARA is a subsidiary of the Spanish Inditex group, which is not only the clothing brand, but also the franchise ZARA brand clothing retail chain brand. Inditex is ranked first in Spain, the world's third largest clothing retailer, in 2005 its global sales of EUR 6 billion 741 million, sales of up to 429 million, net profit of $803 million. As of June 2006 it in 64 countries and regions worldwide opened 2899 stores, a total of 8 of its apparel retail brands, including ZARA, Pull Bear, Kiddy and 's Class Massimo, Dutti, Bershka,
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In terms of differentiation, ZARA’s “fast fashion” philosophy is unique, which create demands and lead the trend in the garment market. They respond very quickly to the demands of target customers and focus on young fashion. In production, they design quickly, production quickly and update quickly. They are always the fastest compared with their competitors. In cost leadership aspect, ZARA conducts little advertising and vertically integrated manufacturing operation and distribution system based on information system. Inside the company, their organization structure is simple and employees work with high participation, so that the whole company runs efficiently. All above allow ZARA to provide products with lower price. ZARA has a flat organization structure, which emphasizes a decentralized decision making approach; The design team are relatively independent; Store managers have more responsibilities. Team structure is important for operating organization

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