Human Resources Management Practices In Human Resource Management

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NAVI MUMBAI. (2002 -12)


“You Take care of your employees!
They take care of customers!
Customers care of Business!
Business takes care of your Profit/ Mission.”

What is Management?
Management is necessary to recall what management is before studying Human Resource Management has been defined Mary Parker Follett as , “the art getting thing done through people ,” But it is felt that management is much more than what is said in this definition. Management is further defined as “… that field of human behavior in which managers plan, organize staff, direct and control human physical and financial resources in an organized
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Human Resources are one of the most vital assets of the organization. It is the people who make other resources moving, they perform various activities in different functional areas like production, Marketing, finance, etc. The significance of human resources in as modern organization can be seen in the context of activation of non-human resources, means for developing competitive advantage, and source creative energy.
1. Activation of Non-human Resources:- Human resources handle all physical and financial resources in an organization. Without their efforts, these non- human resources idle. In fact, all the activities of an organization are initiated and determined by the person who makes up that organization. All the financial and physical resources that an organization uses are unproductive except the human efforts. The failure of any organization depends on how effectively these are
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Human Resource management, as a field of study, makes an attempt o provide knowledge, skills, and attitude for managing human resources more effectively.
What is Human Resource Management?
Human Resource Management (HRM) may be defined as a set of policies, Practices and Programmes designed o maximize both personal and organizational goals. It is the process binding and organization together so that the objectives of each are achieved. According to Flippo human resource management is “the planning organizing , directing, and controlling, of the procurement, development , compensation , integration, maintenance and reproduction of human resources of the end that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished.” According to National Institute of Personnel Management of India, “Human resources management is that part of management concerned with people at work and with their relationship within the organization. It seeks to bring together men and women who make up an enterprise, enabling each to make his own best contribution to its success both as an individual and as a member of a working
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