Human Resources Management: The Role Of Human Resource Management

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The human resource management of any institution is the major stakeholder to all the activities happening in the organization. A clear conceptualization of the activities that the Human resource management handles is in most cases has failed to come up with a precise concept. The ways in which the human resource management carries out its operations affects the output and the commitment of the staff to their jobs. The major role of the human resource as recognized in many institutions is to enable the particular firm to have a competitive edge over their rivals. For the department to be able to function more efficiently, it is upon the management to find possible means of assigning specific and critical tasks to them. This simply passes out…show more content…
The three factors set the basis of the article and also answer the research topic. The article suggests that the mode by which the human resource carries out its activities in the place of .work is of critical concern to the workers ' commitment and the overall output by the firm. Based on the common understanding, the statement can be presumed to be true thus the article gives an in-depth analysis of the AMO model. The AMO model constitutes the involvement of the Human resource management participation in the worker’s ability. Furthermore, the model addresses the motivation which the human resource management provides to the employees which have very great impact on the workability and the final yield of the institution. Moreover, the model also encompasses the ability of the telecommunications firm to provide opportunities to the employees which they can use and ultimately increase their commitment to the work they perform. Thus paper seeks to assess the three performance indicators, and check the methods that they can be increased to increase the engagement of the employees to their…show more content…
The human resource is also described as the heart of any company. The heart is outlined as the most fragile and vulnerable part of the heart as Burke and Cooper describe it while trying to explain the position and importance of the Human Resource department (Burke & Cooper, 2005). The article explains how the human resource controls the staff, which mainly determines the position of the company. Moreover, the human resource has the responsibility of ensuring there is a good work understanding between the ones in the managerial positions and the staff in the lower level of administration. The human resource department has the sole responsibility of drafting how the two teams will interact, the frequency and the matters of urgency to be handled. In other words, no living organism can operate without a heart and thus the presence of the human resource has to ensure the two sides are always in good terms thus the continuity of activity in any

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