Human Resources Management In Healthcare

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Within different healthcare systems across the world, an enhanced attention is giving on Human Resources Management (HRM). Specifically, human resources are one of three main principles in healthcare system inputs, with the other two inputs are physical capital and consumables. Human resources pertain to healthcare are the diverse kinds of clinical and non-clinical employees responsible for public and individual health interference. The performance of healthcare system is largely depending upon the knowledge, skills and motivation of individuals responsible for delivering healthcare services (Kabene, et. al., 2006) .
Nevertheless, the existing ideas in HRM put emphasis on the formation of teams and sharing of knowledge instead
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Healthcare is a service that needs by each and every individual. Being centers of specialized medicine and advanced technological improvements, with huge multidisciplinary teams, these organizations deliver a range of expert services. Many hospitals also have a role in biomedical research, teaching and training of health professionals. In addition, hospitals have an important task in health promotion, social human resources, environmental concern and making patient oriented service.
Hospital organization faces various human resources management challenges. Managing human resources is the true challenge for hospital management. Human resource management contributes to the creation of good organizational climate characterized by growth opportunities, proper distribution of work, reward and pleasant relationship. Quality healthcare starts with human resource management practices.
Today, every healthcare employee is an essential to healthcare service delivery mechanism. Healthcare organizations need a skilled and competent labour force as a result of advanced medical technologies and demand for more sophisticated patient care. Job satisfaction among healthcare employees is increasingly being considered as a measure that should be incorporated in quality improvement programmes of healthcare system (Chaulagain and Khadka, 2012)
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Soft and hard HRM are also regularly defined as two main models of HRM. Soft HRM concentrates employee training, participation, development and commitment. It defines HR functions aims to develop motivation, quality and commitment of employees, while, hard HRM concentrates mainly on strategy where human resources are used to achieve organizational goals. It is also combined with cost control and head count strategies, particularly in business processes like downsizing, lowering wages, shortening comfort breaks and so
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