Human Resources Profession Essay

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Understanding what makes the Army a profession is necessary for a leader to fully cognize their role in developing and mentoring Soldiers for success, and also to further develop themselves as a Noncommissioned Officer. “The Army, is an American Profession of Arms, a vocation compromised of experts certified in the ethical application of land combat power, serving under civilian authority, entrusted to defend the Constitution and the rights and interest of the American people” (Profession of Arms, 2010). A subset of the Army Profession, the Human Resources Profession demands competent and trustworthy individuals. The Human Resources Profession requires its leaders to “focus their knowledge and skills in support of the Army’s most important…show more content…
A key value all leaders should recognize is “I will strive to remain technically and tactically proficient” (U.S. Army NCO Creed). This statement highlights an important ideal referencing becoming a professional, that one must completely understand and embrace the expertise of the profession. Becoming an expert requires dedication, motivation and a personal drive to succeed. Professions like Human Resources, utilize inspirational factors such as the need for honorable service, comradery and the life-long pursuit of expert knowledge, to motivate their professionals. Leaders within the Human Resources Profession must fully understand that they are not performing any old job, but more importantly, dedicating their time and efforts to their “calling.” Professionals will never succeed within the Human Resources Profession if they are not self-motivated and committed to learning, growing and mastering the field. The profession needs their professionals to recognize that they should be working towards a career, not just a form of payment. Leaders within the Human Resource Profession who “adhere to the highest ethical standards and are stewards of the future of the Army’s Profession” can be described as the “Professional,” as long as they remember the importance of inspiring Soldiers by becoming exemplary role models. (Profession of Arms, 2010). Always lead from the front,
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