Human Resources Sergeant In The Army Profession

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Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms Commanding General, General Martin Dempsey asked a central question that frames the major challenges the Army’s leaders’ face. He asked, “How do we create the specific conditions for, and achieve those key attributes that ensure that the Army is a profession – one in which all Army professionals recommit to a culture of service and the responsibilities and behaviors of our profession as articulated in the Army Ethic?”. As Professional Soldiers, we exhibit traits that reflect that of what it means to be a Profession of Arms. It wasn’t until post-Vietnam when the Noncommissioned Officer Corps was truly recognized as professionals. Throughout the years with post-wars, the traits of being a professional has exhibited more so in today’s operating forces after nine years of war. In a time where we are in persistent conflict, it is imperative to maintain traits and be relevant in our areas. The…show more content…
As a Human Resources Sergeant, we are looked at by all aspects of a professional as well as how we perform in our profession. The importance of our role is vital to ensuring Soldiers, Civilians and their families are paid, housed, fed, physically and mentally fit during wartime as well as peacetime. We do this all behind the curtain and without hesitation because our job is to ensure our warfighters and operators don’t have to worry about anything except their mission. As a Professional Soldier, Human Resources Sergeant and wife to a fellow Soldier who works day-in and day-out alongside Operators at war, they deserve the best and we are trained to be the best at our
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