Advertising Influence On Restaurant Menus

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Food and eating fulfills biological needs and provides sustenance. It also provides comfort and satisfies a cultural & social need. The study of human response to food is a complex and ever evolving field. People are ever trying to come up with new ways to entice people into buying their new products. Advertising agencies and marketing teams are trying to cope with every new trend in the society. Menu designing is an important part of the restaurant set up and development. Menu names tend to have a sort of influence on the perceived taste of food. Research in this areas of names and labels has been focused on nutrition labels and health labels (Caglar et al, 2011; Oakes and Slotterback, 2001; Caswell & Mojduszka, 1996). There is very less research done about the expectations one has about the dish based on descriptive names (Aaron, Evans, & Mela, 1995). Descriptive name on foods are often found on restaurant menus. These names may give positive responses amongst customers or may not have much effect on them. Al though there has been progress in this field, Deliza and Macfie’s (1996) said that more work can be done on how advertising and packaging generate expectations amongst consumers. Studies have been conducted regarding names in food…show more content…
et al, 1971). However, Arres et al. (2009) explained that higher price can have both a negative and positive effect. It could mean that the product may be assumed as of higher quality or maybe assumed to be less desirable because of the extra expense. At the same time brand has been said to be the most important non-sensory factor affecting the decisions of consumers. There have been various studies showing the effect of brand name on consumer. Research regarding the effect of dishes names on menus has been relatively low. This study has been conducted to understand how likely a customer is to select a dish solely based on it’s

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