Human Rights And Freedom In Thailand

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Human Rights and freedom in Thailand has been an important issue for a period of time, this is not concern only in national level but also international level especially when there were a political turmoil in Thailand. Human Rights and liberties is clearly stated in the Constitution of the kingdom of Thailand (B.E. 2550) but sometimes when people acquire these rights and freedom , they would fully use their own freedom without reconsidering the consequences. Not only the citizens who misusing the definition of these words but the government also have more power as they are the administrator in the country which occasionally violated the citizen. When people do not know the proper way to express their thought along with the government who tries to control and to avoid accepting its faults ,Thailand’s human rights still be the serious problem to be resolved. First of all, there are two words, which are crucial, to understand the definition and explanation under Thailand’s context. “Rights” means the protection from the law of individual’s power or benefit such as rights to vote, rights to access the judicial process. Another word is “Liberties”. “Liberties” means freedom of individual’s action under the law such as freedom to comment, to write, or to speak. Under the democratic system, sovereignty to administrate the country is from citizen, by citizen and for citizen which provides the people an opportunities to completely demonstrate their own right; however, those

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