Human Trafficking Introduction

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Human rights refer to the basic collection of rights and freedoms believed to belong justifiably to all people. They are universal, inalienable, indivisible and inherent to all human beings, however; some people are still denied these basic rights. Human Trafficking is a contemporary worldwide human rights issue and refers to the commercial trade of people, involving the transportation, recruitment or obtaining of a person by force, coercion or deception for some form of slavery. This report will evaluate the legal and non-legal responses in protecting the rights of those who are the victims of human trafficking and slavery, both in Australia and the United States.
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The act prevents abuses by authorities of the US government to respond to foreign cases of trafficking and aid with the implementation of draft laws in foreign countries.

B) PRESIDENT’S INTERAGENCY TASK FORCE TO MONITOR AND COMBAT TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS; the task force is a cabinet-level entity derived from the protection act of 2000, which involves the coordination of US Government-wide efforts to combat human trafficking by 15 federal agencies. The cabinet report on progress in victim services, procurement, the rule of law and supply chains.

The task force is an effective legal response to human trafficking as it reviews the application of the rule of law, improves responsiveness through combined cooperation of 15 government agencies and protects the victims of the human trafficking by allowing greater enforceability of protection measures and accessibility to support and assistance for
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It works closely with governments and NGO’s to protect human trafficking victims.

In just 21 years this fund has managed to support more than 460 projects in nearly 100 countries which have helped tens of thousands of human trafficking and slavery victims. Projects have established rescue centres for women and children of forced marriages, family reunification and reintegration; making it one of the most efficient and responsive non- legal efforts to protect the victims of human trafficking and slavery. However, is lacks financial funding; relying on the donations of governments and individuals.

B) THE UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE TO FIGHT HUMAN TRAFFICKING (UN. GIFT); launched on the 26 March 2007, the date marked 200 years since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was abolished. The initiative aims to fight human trafficking by reducing the vulnerability of potential victims, support the prosecution of criminals involved and ensure adequate protection and support is provides for the victims of human

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