Human Rights In Haiti

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The republic of Haiti population has the life expectancy of only 29.93 years,and more than half of the population live less than one United State Dollar a day. (CIA world Factbook,2010). Human are saying that everyone be equal in this fair world regardless of race, language, appearance or nationality. But yet in country like Haiti there are factors such as the unfair election, spread of diseases, natural disaster, violence against women and child labor that they have been facing for the last decades. Even though the most protective rights of human were created and established by the Franklin D. Roosevelt, which declared that every human being should have the following freedoms; freedom from fear, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and…show more content…
Hispaniola island is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Haiti has the total population of 10.3 millions in 2013 (WorldBank,2014). But 80 percent of the population live below the poverty line and most of the wealth and resources of the country are controlled by the one percent of the population (Corbett, n.d.). In 1492, the columbus arrived in Hispaniola island, after the spanish who are colonizing the Hispaniola turned the west part of the island into Haiti. Then in 1794, slavery was introduced to Haiti by France resulting in a lot of conflict within Haiti which caused people to migrate in and out of the country to escape from being labor victim. However, Haiti gained its independence in 1804, but unfortunately the slavery did not leave the Haitians. The concept of cheap labor still force to go on which violated human right in Haiti. It has been over 100 years since the Haitian rulers used terror acts of killing, illegal arrest and exiling people who are against…show more content…
The first problem is Haitian faces the freedom from want problem. Most of population have to encounter with extremely poor income, According to the CIA world factbook, 80 percent of the population lives below poverty line. There are many causes that lead Haiti to be below world’s average poverty line, such as poor education system causing most of younger generation to be unemployed and underemployment compare to other country. Children are often not in school or suffer from illness due to unhygienic living conditions. In addition most of the population still lack of shelter, access to clean water and food. As we know, Haiti is located on the joint of North American Plate. This result in earthquakes epicenter near Haiti , due to the sliding of the Caribbean and North AMerican Plates in opposite directions which causes cause pressure builds between the two plates. Over two millions houses were destroyed during the earthquake on 12 January 2010 (Amnesty International,2014). Victims still have to face the on going problems, government of Haiti gave no support to the people, more than 20% of the victims still left homeless.According to CNN report the Haitian Government had estimated the number of people who identified as dead between 217,000 to 230,000.Moreover, around 300,000 people were injured and 1,000,000 people were homeless. According to Human Rights Watch’s report, women of Haiti have to suffer from starvation to the point that they have to sell their bodies for

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