Human Rights In Nigeria Case Study

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Human rights violation has been a major challenge in Nigeria over the years. Since independence in 1960, the country has experienced both military and civilian regimes which have been accused of human rights violation. The failure of these regimes to ensure respect for human rights has contributed to several cases of violent conflicts in different parts of Nigeria. The situation in the Niger Delta area is not different. The Niger Delta is basically the area in which petroleum production takes place in Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigerian government through various multinational oil corporations has earned billions of dollars from the oil extracted from the Niger Delta. The people of the Niger Delta however complain that they have not seen adequate benefits; rather oil production has cost them dearly in terms of environmental degradation and underdevelopment. This has made them to engage in various forms of campaigns and protests against the Nigerian government and the oil companies. These protests and campaigns were always associated with military repression and gross human rights violations by both civilian and military regimes. For example military repression in Ogoni and Odi communities of the Niger Delta resulted in thousands of deaths, rape and illegal detention (Boele, Fabig and Wheeler, 2001). The persistence of human rights violations and violent conflicts in the Niger Delta since independence

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