Human Rights In The Kite Runner

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In the novel, The Kite Runner, many violation of human rights are portrayed. In Afghanistan, where the novel takes place, the Taliban has taken over the country and the people and has destroyed much of what Afghanistan once was. The Taliban is so powerful that they could kill a man or a women just because they wanted to. They hang poeple in parks, beat them to death in front of large crowds, hold gatherings to be-head sinners, and most of all, they strip innocent women, men, and children of their rights as humans. They are treated as raw meat, and are eaten alive when the Taliban is hungry. In the novel, Hassan, a young hazara boy, gets raped by another boy of his age simply because of his culture and just because Hasan has saved Aamir from that boy earliar. Women are being used in sex trafficing, along with young children. Children are taken from their homes by the Taliban; some even are sold off. "There is a Talib official who visits once every month or two. He brings cash with him, not a lot, but better than nothing at all. He usually takes a girl. But not always. When Hassan has grown up, he and his wife get shot by the Taliban for being accused of lieing. The Talibs said that he was a liar and a theif like all Hazaras and ordered him to get his…show more content…
In the Kite Runner I have found numerous examples where these human rights are violated. Right from the beginning of the story, we are immediately presented with these two diverse groups, the Pashtuns and the Hazaras, and the passage explains that the Pashtuns are the higher social rank, unlike the Hazaras who are treated like peasants. In the Kite Runner, it mostly explains Amir and Hassan’s relationship and how they are different from each other because of their ethnic backgrounds and the fact that their ethnicity is a huge part of their relationship effects how they are treated in
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