Human Rights Protection

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The context of human rights has developed over the years that the government nowadays feels the need to secure the human rights protection. The securitization of human rights protection has to be the important part of the governmental policy in order to promote and protect human rights within the country. Such a detail has to be put into the reinforcement of the protection of human rights so that the legal basis and importantly the laws that protect the human rights can ultimately reduce the number of human rights violation in the country. Besides the law reinforcement, the role of the government plays importantly in enforcing the human rights protection laws.
While the role of the government plays in the human rights protection
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When it comes to the national security and human rights violation, we can see the heavy linkage between both of them and the conflicts. There are also some cases when a state has failed to protect human rights in the country during a conflict, especially armed conflict. The government and the people have huge responsibility to stand the human rights protection in the conflict area. Protecting national security along with the human rights protection and promotion have to be the high priority of the states, especially states in…show more content…
Basic human rights, on the other hands, also play important role in the state just beside the national security. The protection and promotion of human rights, moreover, are assessed with the national security implementation and law practices in the country. The government nowadays feel obliged to protect both national security and human rights to every citizen of the state with no exception. By assessing national security and human rights protection, the state shall feel obligated in firmly implementing the policies related heavily to both as the priority of the country. The fact that the government has the obligation, the right and the duty to protect national security along with the human rights protection. In the conflict area, on the other hands, where the violation against human rights especially basic human rights often happen, the human rights principle no longer becomes the priority of the government. It is false that today the practice of human rights protection opposes to the national security. Both reinforcement shall be implemented side by side since the national security threats often come with human rights
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