Human Rights Violations In Colombia

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Colombia is experiencing Human Rights Violations from guerilla groups, government forces, and paramilitary organizations. These violations mostly consist of massacres, torture and extortion that are not only inflicted upon civilians but also human rights defenders. This violence emerged from Colombia’s fortyfive year old internal conflict caused by the assassination of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, a political leader. Today, guerillas continue to fight the parliament and state, but all parties are pronounced guilty for different sums of reported Human Rights Violations committed within their country. The issue is important because Columbia’s population has the world’s second largest internally displaced persons percentage and civilians live in such…show more content…
Be that as it may, but considering the fact that the United States’ anti-communist repression was another reason for the advancement of violence within guerilla groups, it’s fair to say that we were also a contributing factor that caused the whole conflict in the first place and therefore by moral means, it’s important that we sufficiently contribute to troubleshooting the problem in order to reinstitute our reputation globally and historically.
The problem developed as a result of the fortyfive year long conflict between guerrilla groups, paramilitary organizations and government forces. The cause of fortyfive year long Colombian conflict is rooted within the civil war known as La Violencia, which was caused by the assassination of populist political leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in 1948. This motivated both the political leaders and rural town police to enrage the conservative supporting peasants to take over the agricultural lands of liberal supporting peasants, which later developed into a widespread civil war throughout Colombia. Since the conflict is still going on and civilians are the main component between the
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The long-term effects could only be speculated, however, it’s certain that human rights violations and internal displacement would have continued. Though regardless of speculation, one of the most possible long-term effects would have been a civil war that would eventually turn into a world war, all due to violations of human rights. Aside from not solving the problem, if there were to be a potential solution, the solution would first establish law and order through military force and then proceed with a real peace agreement that is guarded by law and order. Essentially, because the enforcement of law and order is denatured in Colombia due to constant violence and violations, it would take military force from a different country to reinstitute the system of law and order into the corrupted society. After this is done, there would be a good setting of regulation in society and a peace agreement could be proceeded without any further
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