Human Rights Violations In The Kite Runner

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The nation of Afghanistan has been plagued by war and war crimes that has consequently brought human rights violations and abuses to many of the civilians in the country. Kidnappings, beatings, murders, and torture are among the most reported instances that, today, occur in prison facilities and civilian villages. In the novel The Kite Runner, Amir returns to Afghanistan to find Kabul in a riddled state from the Taliban. Beating women and stoning sinners were among the many violations of rights that Amir experienced or have been told in his time in the country. Many civilians were without their personal freedoms they once had before the Taliban. The human rights abuse by forces in Afghanistan today are like the events in the novel despite representing two different time periods. Although Khaled Hosseini in The Kite Runner presents Afghanistan in an earlier period where the Taliban come into power, he accurately depicts the abuse of human rights in today’s Afghanistan in which killings and torture are used to instill fear among civilians and strip their right to freedom. Consequently, fear and power has been used as an excuse to strip personal freedoms and rights from men, women, and children alike. Other common abuses were linked to attacks on civilian village and military bases that are seen to have no wrongdoings. In the novel The Kite Runner, Hassan’s wife was beaten when asking a…show more content…
The ill treatment innocent civilians and even prisoners far exceed those within their rights as a human. Torture and death have been ways to garner fear within those they hold power. Despite this, efforts to curb abuse have been carried by the governments and they “pledged to start a new program to eliminate torture” (Ahmed). There is a hope that human rights abuses will improve over time but it is up to the people and governments to take the stand against the

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