Human Rights Violations

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One major human rights violations that has a major global effect is human trafficking. Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people for the means of forced labor and prostitution. There is no one race that discriminates against another, just the cruel act of enslaving one’s fellow human and mistreating them. One nation where this human right violation is prominent is Costa Rica. As in most situations, the young are tricked into this situation and are forced to do things against their will.

The human trafficking industry has become prominent in Costa Rica. It has become dominant in this region through sex trafficking, which is the selling of men or women’s bodies for sex, but unlike prostitution, it is against their will. People are promised with the opportunity of a job that will help them support their families. Once the trafficker has separated the individual from their family and the life they knew, they kidnap them and force them into sex labor (Cofsky). This is in direct violation of article four because these people are held in servitude against their will.

Most of the people who are subjected to sex trafficking in Costa Rica and teenagers or people in their young twenties. The victims in Costa Rica can also be broken down to mostly women and young children as old as five and six years old. The situation is beyond humane because not only are people stolen or tricked into the trade, but children are sold by their parents to traffickers to pay off debts they
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