Human Rights Vs Human Rights

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As an individual I believe it is far better to believe in something rather than nothing. Human beings cannot fully exist without believing in something. Whether they believe in themselves, in happiness, money, fame, or power, there has to be something that they look to in life which gives them meaning. This belief however is proven more effective when it is grounded in something which will not end. No wealth, power or fame is everlasting, and we all know that people die. Therefore, the one thing that has remained constant is the belief in a God. The idea of God has lasted for billions of years and still continues to this date. Human rights on the other hand are the belief that all human beings are entitled to certain rights within society because of their inherent dignity as human beings. The human right movement is not considered a religious one; however it still adapts most of its values from religion. Therefore, it only makes sense that the foundation of human rights should be rooted in God and not man. God empowers the human rights movement in ways that man cannot. This is because the concept of God is a powerful one that can influence man fight for the rights of others. Without this idea, human beings act in ways that showcases their domination over one another, which can lead to tragic consequences. Only by tying ourselves the transcendent idea of worth in God, will we be safe knowing that we are all of equal value and remain to be for years to come.

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