Human Sacrifice In Fury

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Finally, Fury establishes the complexion of a historical drama film through the numerous occurrences of human sacrifice which ultimately ends in the death of a significant character in the film. An example of this human sacrifice occurs during the climax of the film when the sole remaining tank is tasked with intercepting a German SS infantry unit, hell bent, parading across the country to attack the Allies ' vulnerable rear lines and troop hospital with significant numbers of defenceless, wounded soldiers. The members of Fury must defend the crossroads and blood will be spilt. After having two of the already divided platoon of tanks destroyed by a devastatingly powered Tiger I tank, Fury is the last hope for defending the crossroads separating…show more content…
These situations present themselves in forms which differ from each other and both situations mentioned are in regards to the effort of defeating the German forces who will stop at nothing before surrendering. All acts of sacrifice are similar to events which have occurred in actual instances of history where death may be evident but this action could save the lives of countless people.To conclude, the reason that Fury (2014), written and directed by David Ayer, appropriately corresponds with the genre of historical drama films is because of the attention to detail presented and identifiable characteristics that are unique to such films like death, suffering, and sacrifice.Fury is a terrific example of a film that captures the realism of historical events such as World War Two. The writer and director was dedicated to providing the audience with a film that captures the aspects of a wonderful and heartfelt film that also appealed to those who enjoy action-filled movies. The unique aspect of this film is that David Ayer provided all these aspects of a historical action drama and was committed enough to include realistic visuals and expressions of such a horrific moment in
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