Human Service Agency Case Study

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Human service agencies most time are under security because of the services we provide. The focus on efficiency, loyalty dependency and interaction with the consumer are characteristic that I believe have the most impact on the current company I work for. My current agency would be categorized as prevention which our book indicates is an efforts to prevent the problem from continuing to occur (Weinbach & Taylor, 2015). Although we would would like to have characteristics of being loyal and dependable our job is to help people get better and be less dependent upon us. As a case manager I work closely with clients on a daily basis and I see clients who become very dependent upon our services which I believe causes more harm. Consequently the clients I service utilize services…show more content…
Although managers are vulnerable to criticism whether they focus on efficiency or fairness it’s cheaper in the long run to build quality into the product and services than to continue to correct errors later( Austin, 2002). Finally, interaction with consumers or our clients is typical in the human service field. Therefore, consumer feedback is vital to the wellbeing of the agency. An article studying the performance appraisal in non profit organization witnessed a surge in attention to the conceptualization and measurement of organization performance and effectiveness(Seiden & Sowa, 2011). The Authors also suggested that human service organization meeting their goal is directly dependent upon the ability of the staff to perform effectively in the management and delivery of services(Seiden & Sowa, 2011). Therefore, I believe having positive interaction with our consumer or clients is vital to our survival. At my current job we have clients sign treatment goals once goals are met, and surveys are given to clients upon

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