Human Service Community Case Study

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6. If you were one of the other members of the Smythe County ECI program, how would you counsel Carol on proceeding with the Williams family? I can see that Carol is very passionate about the Williams family, and I would use her passion to remind her to use that to do what is best for Bobby. Although, I would also remind her not to let her emotions for the Williams family cloud her judgement with it comes to both Joy and Bobby. I also would encourage Carol to connect Joy with any many outside community resources that could help the both Joy and Bobby’s with their needs. I also believe that having a group meeting with the service providers that service the Williams family is a great thing. This can allow Carol and the team talk about the family and what needs are being meet, and also what else needs…show more content…
I also think Carol needs to be aware of everything including the safety of the home for Bobby. Carol also needs to make sure that there is food in the house, utilities are turned on, and the biggest factor is making sure Bobby is being well taken care for. What strategies would you recommend for dealing with the dissension among the members of the Jamestown professional community? According to the Jamestown Human Service Community, they believe that Joy’s mental incompetence doesn’t make her a good candidate for living on her own and caring for Bobby. So in order to help hopefully change the views of the community, I would tell Carol to set up a home visit for them to come and view Joy’s and Bobby’s home. This will allow the community to see first hand how Joy is living and caring for Bobby on her own. After the home visit hopefully change the views of Joy, and also allow more support from the community. What, if any, assistance should Carol enlist from other members of the Smythe County ECI

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