A Non-Profit Organization: A Case Study

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A few years ago, a two of women in the community started a non-profit organization to assist with a need within a certain special population. The organization operations and system had not been clearly established during the first few months of operation and there was no set leader or leadership role, yet the organization continued to operate in a disorganized way. As a result, practices became downright chaotic and unmanageable. Although the organization was established upon premise of making positive changes, it had morphed into a hectic environment that was incapable of fulfilling their mission of helping within the community. In order to avoid circumstances such as this, a human service organization must be well planned out and adopt an…show more content…
The industrial models of the past are obsolete and leaders are now forced to “navigate the badlands” or in other words take action beyond what is already known. Being that the future is uncertain, it is important to be a prepared leader who is ready to deal with these uncertainties. Some of the circumstances that are shifting the future include economy, planet environment, cultures of the world, as well as other global leaders. By being proactive with educating oneself in these areas and remaining current, an individual will be prepared for…show more content…
This in turn will illuminate sense of powerlessness due to non-inclusion is the decision making process. Simultaneously, there will be an increase in staff moral and quality of services provided. These actions are based on a few of the empowering approach principle (Lewis, J. A., Lewis, M. D., & Packard, T. R. 2012). An example of encouraging staff participation in decision making is to initiate a program where individuals complete surveys and panels. A simple questionnaire or survey can prove helpful as well. This is one of many simple ways to empower staff, build a sense of leadership and pride, and demonstrate that their voice matters. When an individual is given opportunities to provide input, he or she will feel valued. A supervisor and staff will be more devoted to an organization if the relationship between the two offers respectful

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