Human Service Reflection Paper

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I knew going into the human service field that a lot was going to be hands on. For my first experience to go to The Department of Human Services of Denver, completely opened my eyes on how a process can work to help lives in our community. The department is located down town off of Federal by the Denver Bronco stadium, there I met a dear friend Nichole Young who was so generous to help me and guide me through the entire department. I arrived to the department on October 25, 2015 at 4:00pm. The first feeling I had when I walked in was I felt at first I was in a court house or dmv. There were waiting chairs on one side and an information desk with a security guard. There I was welcomed by my friend Nichole Young with a hug and had I sign in. The first stop she took me to was the program to show me where clients can apply for food stamps. There are two programs next to it…show more content…
While talking with her I was so focused and intrigued to learn what she has been doing and where her degree has taking her. I had to seek some clarification on the different departments that were mentioned, but it was because there were so many details that she wanted to tell me about and show me. I was able to get a summary out of her and we wrote notes down together on how this whole department works as a whole. There are not enough bodies to help everyone out and that made a huge impact on myself. I listened to everything she had to say, I caught myself tearing up just listing to her stories and how impactful being a social worker can be. This was one interview I felt that I had hardly any listing blocks standing in the way. I know I must have looked like a bomb went off with all of the information giving. I know my face had some blank stares to gather how this department works. I was aware of my nonverbal communication but I kept up my posture and eye contact to learn everything I could about this
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