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As Human Service workers, we obtain a certain skillset that is different from any other career out there. Skills such as verbal, nonverbal and organizational. Personally, I believe the skills that I already possess are organizational, and empathy. The skills that I must work on are staying focused and verbal skills. Organizational skills are used in the plan for work stage of Human Services. With this skill, one must “think about all the materials you will need, the arrangement of your environment, your own personal issues, as well as the tasks you need to complete in that first interview.” (Kinsella 90) Growing up in a single mother household, I was the one to organize everything between me and my sister. I would oversee laying out the…show more content…
I was a very shy and timid kid, growing up and because I couldn’t speak as well as others, I was bullied. My words used to come out all jumbled when I talked fast. “Good verbal skills take practice. It involves how we talk – fast or slow?” (Kinsella91) Public speaking is probably the most terrifying fear that I have. In order to be a good practitioner of Human Services, I must overcome this fear and train to be a better speaker. I can strengthen this skill by taking a couple classes in public speaking and by practicing my introduction with myself. I work at a fine-dining restaurant, and the servers are meant to be confident in menu knowledge and try to upsell as much as possible. When I first trained, I practiced so hard to spiel out of the menu but I kept having to repeat myself repeatedly. With tons of practice, I’m now very confident in working at the restaurant. Another skill that needs some work, is staying focused on one topic at a time. An example is organizing a room, I would get so distracted looking through all the items that I would lose focus and start a different task. To help stay more focused, I will manage my time better and to open my mind to the clients. Strengthen this skill will better help my organizational skills. These skills are what Human Service workers need to possess to help their clients with their needs. Our goal is to make the client feel as comfortable as possible, by being confident in our own skills

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