Human Services Essential Function Skills Essay

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Human Services Essential Function Skills Assignment. Below is my reflection regardless my three weaker skills according described in the assignment on December 16th, 2015. Goal 1: Communications and writing legible with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. At the time of this writing I have not a complete perspective how my grammatical ability has progressed. During my winter break from WCTC, there has been no need to practice or engage into academically activities both for personal reasons as well for professional purpose. At my practicum site, it is not required to do a lot of documentation other than an incident report. I believe, therefore, that my skills have neither progressed nor regressed. As example certain nouns and verbs that can be easily interchanged is the noun “belief” vs the verb “believe”. Another simple but easy error I need to watch out for is replacing letters with similar sounds, for example “s”; for “c”. I find myself doing this in the…show more content…
Trust personal judgement and be aware of strengths and weakness. Each person, how rough and tumble he or she might appear to be will become more aware of their abilities and capacities. Many moons ago, I was employed by a large and international printing company I have experienced that it is easier to criticize and scrutinize someone on a regular bases. Been part of that environment I know the feeling of being subject to that ridicule. Sometimes these experiences of than still are breaking through the surface of my confidentiality while relating to other people. As well as becoming involved in mental health has worked as a healing balm. Even though I continue to learn and grow while separating positive critic from negative influences. The experience that I related earlier about time management in an “industrial kitchen environment is a good example negative self-chatter. I also continue to be aware of experiences that support me as I continue in this field of Human

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