Human Services Field Reflection

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I had chosen to use my work as a reflection of my values. -Sidney Poitier Although I am in my late thirties, I am elated to find my purpose. The aforementioned quote from Sidney Portier could not express my sentiments more. The human services field is where I want to contribute the most during my lifetime. Moreover, I learned a lot about myself, I have some experiences that will contribute to my professional growth and identity and I am certain there will be challenges in my future as a psychologist. Furthermore, this course has further validated my pre-existing values and revealed some of my blind spots. More than anything I realize I have a deep and profound respect for human life and the feelings of others. First do no harm! Ethics is the most vital tenant in the human services. On the contrary, I must remain balanced and focus when my future client’s values do not align with my own. For example: someone who mistreats or abuses children. As discussed in my autobiography I value family the most. My life experiences will also add value to the counseling field.
Likewise everyone has a story. It’s how we integrate our life experiences and history in a positive manner that matters. I’ve traveled the world in the military, stood in the darkness of war, promoted, and failed. I was raised in the ghetto, cared for an addictive
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This makes me conclude that burnout and balance will be my biggest challenge. Additionally, reverting a lot of the stringent military methods of living presents a challenge. Since I have started thinking of life after the military, I’ve focused on pacing myself and relaxing a bit more in non life threatening situations. When I’m not “charged” to lead I “sit the bench” and let others do it. I realize if I’m going to do this for the rest of my life (psychology), I have to prioritize self-care and pace myself as oppose to always
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