Abolish Animal Testing

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Animal Testing It happens every day. A patient suffering from a painful skin condition feels more comfortable with a drug that was once tested on rats. Another patient who has been given only months to live gets a reprieve through a procedure considered safe after initials experiments in pigs. Since the beginning of medical history, scientists have relied on the use of animals to test new substances and procedures to determine their safety and effectiveness. Because many medical practices that are currently used were tested in this fashion, may believe that it is the most effective and practical way to obtain the desired information. However, those opposed to use animals for such experiments argue that the data obtained from them is often ambiguous, and the cruelty inflicted on these creatures does not justify any positive outcome that may result, in addition, the fact that other more accurate and cost-effective methods are available to test new medications and procedures further bolsters the argument that the continuation of this practice is…show more content…
Therefore, animal experimentation should be abolished because it is unreasonably cruel, the findings it produces may be invalid, and since other testing methods are available it is
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