Human Trafficking Assignment

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Human trafficking occurs when sexual services are acquired from someone through transporting and keeping them by threatening or forcing them which includes abduction, fraud, deception, and abuse of power for the purpose of selfish utilization, this follows. The trafficked persons are exploited and this includes, at the least, the exploitation of prostitution, servitude or practices similar to servitude, forced labour, confinement and the removal of organs from their bodies, the above is maintained by du Preez & Simmonds (2013:103).

Human trafficking is said to be modern day slavery. It is against human rights in most countries. Human trafficking is considered to be one of the quickest growing
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Thus it is important to include such in their curriculum. According to du Preez & Simmonds (2013:107) as early as Grade 3 children are exposed to topics on sexual abuse in the subject Life Skills (South Africa, 2011e). First it is dealt with as part of how to keep one’s body safe (South Africa, 2011e). Next it is related to physical and emotional child abuse in Grade 5 (South Africa, 2011n) and finally sexual abuse is dealt with in terms of rape in Grade 10 (South Africa, 2011j). This is in Grade 10, in Life Orientation under the topic ‘Democracy and Human Rights’ human trafficking is mentioned. However, it forms part of an extensive list and thus can easily fail to receive the attention it…show more content…
Children can be taught from home and school on basic things like not accepting a lift from a stranger or any edible product that could be drugs.

Furthermore, for illiterate families living in rural areas, the media can be a good strategy to help prevent human trafficking. Show it on television, speak about it on the radio, write on newspapers and magazines, show it on billboards and spread it through social media.. There are people who were trafficked and managed to escape. Organise a woman’s event were thousands can gather to hear of how the victim got caught in it and how they miraculously got out. Alert the world that it exists, it is dehumanising and can be
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