Human Trafficking In Children

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Imagine one day your whole world being taken and forced into a life they do not want to be in, this is what it is like having your child put into trafficking. Not only them but you lose yourself. Your child will not have anyone they know and trust to help them, they have to depend on these new people they are around to help them, most do not help. This has been such a problem that, former president Barack Obama, the United states has made the month January human trafficking awareness month. The problem of human trafficking in children exists because of homelessness and the solutions could be passing new laws and open homes that help children and their family, but the best solution is educating people on the issue and how they can stop it from…show more content…
This could be something mandatory for people who are evicted from their home or lose their home because of money issues. This is a slightly better solution than making new laws for the reason of it is giving these families who are homeless a place to go. If there are these homes for children who are out in the streets or families who have lost all hope of making money to feed their family, they could live there instead of trafficking off themselves but also their kids. Having these special homes is the realistic solution because it could help children who are at risk to be put into trafficking, but also helps children who were in the trafficking world. Justice for Youth said that the slave trade prey on families who are in dire need of income. This proves that homes are possible to achieve for the reason that families who have somewhere that can bring them back on their feet, they have a less likely chance of putting children into the slave trade. Another problem is these families are looking for something to help them back on their feet,so having this home to live in would help. If these families have a place that will help them obtain a source of income, then they will not be obligated to sell their children or themselves. Thousands of kids are dying daily around the world because of hunger, this is actually one of the root causes of child trafficking. If they want to live and get food, then they will do anything to survive; even if it means they give up control over themselves. They probably do not realize what trafficking, if it is them working or sex trafficking, will do to them. They believe they will just be let go but that is not always the

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