Human Trafficking In Haiti

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What is a child worth? Is the child aware of being sold into the hands of a trafficker?
The United Nations Children 's Fund estimates that about 300,000 children from Haiti are victims of human trafficking. Children are young, naive and become unknowing victims. Using deceit, promises for a better life, and a child’s desperation traffickers can easily exploit. John Locke’s natural rights theory should be consider for children that are in the hands of traffickers. Human trafficking is known to be the modern-day slavery of the 21st century. Human trafficking is defined as an action of illegal transportation of men, women or children for the main purpose of forced labor, or sexual exploitation. The UN General Assembly (2000) reported
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In Haiti, human trafficking has been in existence for a long time. However, the country encountered a disastrous earthquake that physically and emotionally impacted Haitians. Many families became helpless, nowhere to turn, and lost their valuable possessions. People were desperate for money to fulfill their want with daily necessities because of the loss they suffered. This clearly increased the act of human trafficking among children. The aftermath of this earthquake left numerous people homeless and children parentless. Many desperate individuals abducted children by luring them in; child not knowing, got deceived into the traffickers hands and forced to do some sort of labor to benefit the person in control. After the earthquake in 2010, millions of people were displaced from their homes and helpless children to be orphaned. This led to a significant rise of human trafficking within Haiti. One case involved a group of American missionaries that abducted Haiti children illegally. They claimed to be international help for the aftermath and tried to illegally take the children behind the Haitian government. Human trafficking is an international crisis that Haiti encounters; helpless children that are forced into labor, or used for sexual exploitation, are physically, mentally and emotionally harmed. Furthermore, John Lock would argue that the law of nature obliged all human beings, not to harm the life, liberty, and goods of others. Human trafficking does otherwise; it harms the helpless individuals and limits one’s right to life and liberty. John Locke 's perspective on this event may perhaps be that the natural law that should be considered as opposed to harming
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