Human Trafficking In Houston Essay

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Human trafficking in Houston is growing at a high rate year after year. The persons that is being trafficked around is telling a lie stating a better life and more money, but that isn’t the case. Women get tricked into being a sex slave and this leads to mental and physical abuse, as well as health infections all because of promises for a better life for her family. Due to this Houston has become a number two place for human trafficking. Houston is a hot spot for traffickers to find their next victim to add to the list of women they have taken away from home and force them to work. The mental abuse that women receive is just terrible to know that you might die at any time. Being used for only sex is what the victim feels like the only thing she is useful for. In her mind all the person can do is thinking to themselves that life is horrible and not worth living and start to slip into a state of depression. While in that state of depression the women feel like there is no one to help them, and there are right. For example, a woman named Kamchana had a bad mental case because …show more content…

The women that are being trafficked around from state to state have to have sex the way the customer wants it even if it means unprotected. Men don’t care for the women that they are having relations with so they force them to have sex knowing that they might or might not have any kind of infection. “Gita contracted HIV as a direct result of her status as a victim of sex trafficking. She, also, unknowingly and unintentionally, may have spread HIV to customers who bought her after she became infected”, (Kloer 2). This is a clear fact showing that the people who commits these acts are people who only care about putting money in their pocket failing to realize that those girls can die from this. The human trafficking seen is helping spread diseases like HIV/AIDS as well as infections such as

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