Human Trafficking In Mexico

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Human trafficking in Mexico
(Intro) One in every six runaway is forced into human trafficking. About twenty million innocent people, are enslaved all across the world to this day. This international business is called human trafficking. Human trafficking is the buying, selling, transporting, or unsanctioned using of any persons. Developing for many years, the illegal circle has expanded overseas, and has become an income necessity for some foreign countries. Laws in the U.S. and in Europe were recently made to regulate this black market trade (Davila). More human trafficking occurs in Mexico than anywhere else in the world due to the corruption of government officials, which has allowed drug cartels to become very powerful. In cities like Tenancingo,
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The main question we ask ourselves are, why participate in such a debacle? Kids living in cities like Tenancingo are grown up with the expectations and aspirations of “pimping”. They are raised in an environment where they are exposed to inappropriate behaviors. Young men as young as nine are initiated into the lifestyle, and women as young as six are trapped in dangerous business. The most common method for luring in young women is called “boyfriending”. This is where an older male begins to befriend a younger female (particularly a virgin), and in the process of dating he buys her many things, until he has sex with her to “test the product”. Next the pimp can do one of two things, he could manipulate her into having sex with his friends, then more friends, then before you know it strangers, or he could turn on her, begin to abuse/threaten her into prostitution. Once you become a prostitute you are now property, you must follow them anywhere they go, and whatever they say. Pimps will go to extreme lengths to find girls, but once they 're found they’re in it for life or death. According to the human trafficking hotline, human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, abusing and soliciting people for unwilling tasks. Despite, great efforts from surrounding countries, this unlawful business will continue to be around, simply because of supply and demand. There will always be a need for labor, sex, or any domestic
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